About election-atlas.ca

Welcome to the newly redesigned election atlas. We hope the site is now more elegant and more user-friendly.

For elections where poll-by-poll maps are available, click on any riding to zoom to it and load the poll map. You can toggle between viewing riding and poll results by clicking the radio buttons in the top right corner.

Poll results are now represented by dots. The size of the dot indicates the total number of votes cast in each poll, the opacity of the dot represents the margin of victory.

You can now view poll results for as many ridings as you like on the same map, although loading too many can slow down the site's performance.

Who? I'm J.P. Kirby and I'm just a regular guy interested in politics and elections. I'm also a map geek. Those two passions came together to form this site. I have never been actively involved in any political party, and right now no party comes close to matching my political views.

What? The eventual goal is to have riding-by-riding maps of every federal and provincial election since 1867, with poll-by-poll results for as many as possible. There's a lot of research and map drawing yet to be done, and a lot of sources yet to be uncovered, so if you have any leads, let me know. For the uninitiated, each riding is divided by Elections Canada (or provincial authorities) into polling divisions, each covering a specific geographic area and about 400 voters. Each polling division has its own voters list and ballot box, and voters have to vote in their own local poll. The poll-by-poll breakdown of the results is released by Elections Canada within 2-3 months after the election. (In some cases, larger polling divisions are split into two or more polls, or smaller polls have their results merged with others to preserve voter secrecy. This site has adjusted the maps and data accordingly.)

Why? The idea for the site came shortly after Elections Canada released polling division GIS shapefiles to the public for the first time in 2009. I've always believed that the best way to understand how a riding voted the way it did was by analyzing the poll-by-poll results. They've always been made available to the public, but they were only linked to a poll number, which corresponds to a given neighbourhood. Until 2009, there was no way for average joes to know exactly which polls were located where, unless you were willing to pay big bucks to Elections Canada for paper maps. Although there have already been efforts to map poll-by-poll results since then (including Stephen Taylor's excellent Google Earth maps, several posters on the uselectionatlas.org forums, and my earlier work on the506.com in 2011), I believe this marks the first and most user-friendly public effort to display results and trends across elections. As of spring 2013, 7 of the 10 provincial electoral commissions also make polling division shapefiles available online.

How? (warning: lots of tech jargon ahead!) Unlike a lot of other sites, the maps are not created from a SQL database. The poll-by-poll results were compiled from the official sources into an Excel file, where they were massaged and sorted. This file was then joined to the relevant GIS shapefile in QGIS, where they were then split into separate files for each riding and converted to the GEOJSON format. These GEOJSON files are then displayed on the site using OpenLayers (which is a lot more versatile than the direct Google Maps API).

What's next? Once the federal and provincial data is finished, a very long-term project is to try and find a way to import demographic data into the site, to see if voting patterns can be determined from income, age, language or ethnicity. Data from advance and mobile polls, along with special ballots, are not found on the site at this time, although they can be found in Elections Canada's official reports as well as Alice Funke's punditsguide.ca.

So how can I get in touch? I'm always looking for suggestions or ways to improve the site. Send me an e-mail, or follow me on twitter.

Poll Maps

Poll-by-poll maps are currently available for the following elections:

Federal: 1997 and later
Newfoundland and Labrador: 2011 and later
Nova Scotia: 2009 and later
Prince Edward Island: 2007 and later
New Brunswick: 2010 and later
Quebec: 2008 and later
Ontario: 2003 and later
Manitoba: 2011 and later
Saskatchewan: 2011 and later
Alberta: 2004 and later
British Columbia: 2005 and later


election-atlas.ca gathers its results from primary sources whenever possible. Results generally come from the official reports from the relevant election authorities, if available online or at local libraries here in Fredericton. The federal Library of Parliament and the legislative libraries in BC, Quebec and Nova Scotia also have full riding-by-riding results dating back to Confederation on their sites; and I have also been able to locate hard-copy compendiums of election results for New Brunswick, PEI, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. For other provinces, gaps were filled using back issues of the Canadian Parliamentary Guide.

Maps are adapted from official GIS shapefiles, if available. For older elections, I created my own shapefiles from scratch, using either official static maps or boundary descriptions from provincial statutes. In some cases riding boundaries have been simplified, particularly in rural or uninhabited areas. I am human and errors do occur, although I take care in making sure their effects are minimized.

A full list of sources can be found here.


Most underlying riding and poll files remain copyrighted by their respective election authorities. The following legal disclaimers are conditions of use for such data.

Federal: Base map data © Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.
Québec: Contains data available at the website: www.electionsquebec.qc.ca and licensed under the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec (DGEQ) open data licence agreement. Such licensing does not constitute an endorsement by the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec (DGEQ) of the results of that use.
British Columbia: Contains information licenced under the Elections BC Open Data Licence.

All other elements © election-atlas.ca.
election-atlas.ca is not affiliated with any government or political organization.

Party Abbreviations

Note: Parties were often not formal regulated political organizations as we know them today until the 1970s. Candidates could often choose any label they wanted, and some supported more than one party. On the atlas, candidates who did not run under a major party banner, but were still known to caucus with or support one, are coloured for that major party, but listed with their party abbreviation as seen below.


Abbr. Party Name Years Active
LIB Liberal 1867-present
LLAB Liberal Labour 1926-1968
LP Liberal Progressive 1925-1949
OPP Opposition ("Laurier Liberals") 1917
CPC Conservative 2003-present
PC Progressive Conservative 1942-2003
CON Conservative 1867-1942
UNI Unionist 1917
NG National Government 1940
LCON Liberal-Conservative 1867-1911
NCON Nationalist Conservative 1878-1891
NDP New Democratic Party 1961-present
CCF Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1932-1961
LAB Labour 1867-1932
GRN Green Party 1983-present
BQ Bloc Québécois 1990-present
CA Canadian Alliance 1999-2003
REF Reform 1986-1999
SC Social Credit 1935-1990
UE Union des Électeurs 1939-1949
CE Candidat des Électeurs 1957-1958
ND New Democracy 1940
RC Ralliement des Créditistes 1963-1971
PRO Progressive 1914-1930
UF United Farmers 1919-1933
UFL United Farmers-Labour 1919; 1935-1940
PI Patrons of Industry 1890-1900
LPP Labour Progressive Party 1943-1959
UNI (National) Unity 1940
UR United Reform 1939-1940
LAB Labour 1932-1957
BPC Bloc Populaire Canadien 1942-1947
NAT Nationalist 1873-1963
REC Reconstruction 1935-1938
AC Anti-Confederation 1867
CL Conservative Labour 1872-1875
FD Forces et Démocratie 2014-2016
MAR Marijuana Party 2000-present
CHP Christian Heritage Party 1986-present
NAT National Party 1993-1996
COR Confederation of Regions 1984-1993
PNQ Parti Nationaliste du Québec 1983-1987
RHI Rhinoceros 1963-1993; 2006-present
IND Independent
ILIB Independent Liberal
IPC Independent Progressive Conservative
IC Independent Conservative
ISC Independent Social Credit
ILAB Independent Labour
ILP Independent Liberal Progressive
IPRO Independent Progressive
ICCF Independent CCF
INAT Independent Nationalist
IREC Independent Reconstruction
UNK Unknown
ABL Abolitionist 1993-1996
ATN Alliance of the North 2015-present
AA Animal Alliance 2005-present
ACOM Anti-Communist 1935-1953
ACON Anti-Conscription 1940
AUT Autonomist 1947
BDG Bridge Party 2015-2016
CAN Canada Party 1993-1997
CAN Canada Party 2015-present
CAP Canadian Action Party 1997-2017
CDN Canadian Party 1942
CLE Candidat libéral des électeurs 1963
CL Christian Liberal 1953
COM Communist 1921-1940; 1959-present
DEM Democratic 1945
DAP Democratic Advancement Party 2015-present
DVP Droit vital personal 1965
ER Equal Rights 1890-1891
ES Esprit Social 1965-1971
FAR Farmer 1925-1930
FL Farmer-Labour 1925-1949
FPNP First Peoples National Party 2004-2013
LF Labour Farmer 1925-1930
LP Liberal Protectionist 1925-1930
LTN Libertarian 1973-1997; 2004-present
ML Marxist-Leninist 1970-present
MCC McCarthyite 1896-1898
NLAB National Labour 1940
NAZI National Socialist 1968-1978
NAZI National Unity 1936-1949
NL Natural Law 1992-2003
NCP New Canada Party 1968
NCP New Capitalist Party 1965
NLF Newfoundland and Labrador First 2007-2011
NPL Non-Partisan League 1917
OLAB Opposition Labour 1917
OI Ouvrier Indépendant 1962-1965
PACT Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency 2012-2016
ONL Online Party 2012
PDE Parti de la Démocratisation Économique 1968
PCC Party for the Commonwealth of Canada 1984-1993
PPP People's Political Power 2006-2011
PIR Pirate Party 2009-present
PC Progressive Canadian 2004-present
PWM Progressive Workers Movement 1965
PPA Protestant Protective Association 1896
REP Republican 1964-1971
SEN Seniors Party 2015-present
SOC Socialist 1935-1961
SL Socialist Labour 1945-1968
UP Union Populaire 1979-1983
UNI United 2009-present
WBP Western Block Party 2005-2014
WLP Work Less Party 2007-2010

Newfoundland and Labrador

Abbr. Party Name Years Active
LIB Liberal 1949-present
PC Progressive Conservative 1949-present
NDP New Democratic Party 1961-present
CCF Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1955-1961
LP Labrador Party 2003-2007
LR Liberal Reform Party 1975-1979
IND Independent
NLF Newfoundland and Labrador First 2006
NLP Newfoundland and Labrador Party 1999

Prince Edward Island

Abbr. Party Name Years Active
LIB Liberal 1873-present
PC Progressive Conservative 1942-present
CON Conservative 1873-1942
NDP New Democratic Party 1961-present
CCF Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1936-1961
GRN Green Party 2005-present
IP Island Party 2010-2015
IND Independent

Nova Scotia

Abbr. Party Name Years Active
LIB Liberal 1867-present
PC Progressive Conservative 1942-present
CON Conservative 1867-1942
NDP New Democratic Party 1961-present
CCF Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1932-1961
GRN Green Party 2006-present
LAB Cape Breton Labour Party 1984
IND Independent
ATL Atlantica Party 2009-2012; 2016-present
MAR Marijuana Party 2003
NL Natural Law 1993
NSP Nova Scotia Party 1999-2005

New Brunswick

Abbr. Party Name Years Active
LIB Liberal 1867-present
PC Progressive Conservative 1942-present
CON Conservative 1867-1942
NDP New Democratic Party 1962-present
CCF Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1933-1962
GRN Green Party 2008-present
PANB People's Alliance of New Brunswick 2010-present
COR Confederation of Regions 1989-2002
PA Parti Acadien 1972-1986
IND Independent
NL Natural Law 1995-1999
GREY Grey Party 2003


Abbr. Party Name Years Active
PLQ Parti libéral du Québec 1867-present
PQ Parti Québécois 1968-present
CAQ Coalition Avenir Québec 2011-present
ADQ Action démocratique du Québec 1994-2012
QS Québec solidaire 2006-present
UFP Union des forces progressistes 2002-2006
PDS Parti de la démocratie socialiste 1995-2002
NDP Nouveau Parti démocratique 1962-1995
COA Coalition (NPD & Regroupement des militants syndicaux) 1976
PVQ Parti vert du Québec 1985-1998; 2002-present
ON Option nationale 2011-present
CON Parti conservateur du Québec 2009-present
EP Equality Party 1989-2003
UNI Unity Party 1989-1990
FCP Freedom of Choice Party 1979-1982
UN Union Nationale 1935-1989
PC Progressive Conservative 1982-1989
RC Ralliement créditiste 1970-1978
CRD Parti créditiste 1973
PNP Parti national populaire 1975-1980
CON Parti conservateur du Québec 1867-1935
IND Independent
AD Alliance democratique 1976
BP Bloc pot 1998-present
CAN Canada! 1994-1995
CINQ Changement intégrité pour notre Québec 2016-present
CPQ Citoyens au pouvoir du Québec 2016-present
PSP Parti des sans Parti 2013-2016
CC Coalition pour la constituante 2012-2013
CIT Parti citron 1987-1998
PCM Parti de la classe moyenne du Québec 2012-2013
COM Parti communiste du Québec 1965-2003
PCO Parti communiste ouvrier 1975-1983
CSU Parti crédit social uni 1969-1971; 1979-1994
DEV Développement Québec 1994
DUR Parti durable 2008
ECO Parti économique du Québec 1994
EA Équipe Autonomiste 2012-present
EQU Parti équitable 2012-present
HUM Parti humaniste 1985
PI Parti indépendantiste 1985-1990; 2008-present
INN Parti innovateur 1994-1998
LTN Parti libertarien 1981
PL Parti libre 2016-present
ML Parti marxiste–léniniste du Québec 1973-present
MPQ Mon pays le Québec 2013-present
MS Mouvement socialiste 1985-1989
NL Parti de la loi naturelle du Québec 1994-2003
NUL Parti nul 2009-present
PRC Parti pour la république du Canada 1983-1994
REP Parti république du Québec 2007-2009
QRD Québec - Révolution démocratique 2014-present
PSC Parti du socialisme chrétien 1985
SOV Parti de la souveraineté du Québec 1994
PTQ Parti des travailleurs du Québec 1976-1989
UCQ Union citoyenne du Québec 2012-present
PUN Parti unité nationale 2012-present
DCQ Parti démocratie chrétienne du Québec 2000-2012
P51 Parti 51 1989-1990


Abbr. Party Name Years Active
LIB Liberal 1867-present
PC Progressive Conservative 1942-present
CON Conservative 1873-1942
NDP New Democratic Party 1961-present
CCF Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1932-1961
GRN Green Party 1983-present
COR Confederation of Regions 1989-present
SC Social Credit 1945-1975
IND Independent
CCP Canadians' Choice Party 2011-present
COM Communist 1940-present
EPP Equal Parenting Party 2014-present
FPO Freedom Party of Ontario 1984-present
PHR Party for Human Rights 2011-2014
LTN Libertarian Party 1975-present
NRP New Reform Party 2015-present
FCP Family Coalition Party 1987-2015
NOTA None of the Above 2014-present
NOH Northern Ontario Heritage 2010-present
ONLY The Only Party 2011-2014
PPP Paramount Canadians Party 2011-2012
PPSN Party for People with Special Needs 2007-present
PAU Paupers' Party 2011-present
PPP People's Political Party 2011-present
REP Republican Party 2004-2011
REF Reform Party 1993-2010
SOC Socialist Party 2011-present
SNSEA Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda 2016-present
VEP Vegan Environmental Party 2011-present


Abbr. Party Name Years Active
PC Progressive Conservative 1946-present
CON Conservative 1883-1946
LC Liberal-Conservative 1879-1903
LIB Liberal 1883-present
LP Liberal-Progressive 1932-1960
NDP New Democratic Party 1961-present
CCF Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1932-1961
ILP Independent Labour Party 1922-1936
IW Independent Workers 1922
LAB Labour 1903-1932
GRN Green Party 1998-present
PRO Progressive 1922-1932; 1981-1995
UFM United Farmers of Manitoba 1920-1922
FAR Farmer 1920
PI Patrons of Industry 1894-1897
COR Confederation of Regions 1986-1991
SC Social Credit 1935-1981
MP Manitoba Party 1999-2003; 2016-present
COM Communist 1936-present
LPP Labour Progressive Party 1945-1959
WKR Workers 1941
SOC Socialist 1910-1932; 1945
SDP Social Democratic 1914-1920
IND Independent
ILIB Independent Liberal(-Progressive)
ILIB Independent Progressive Conservative
ICCF Independent CCF
IPRO Independent Progressive
IFAR Independent Farmer 1920
IFL Independent Farmer-Labour 1932
ILAB Independent Labour 1920; 1949
UNK Unknown
FL Farmer-Labour 1927
LTN Libertarian Party 1986-2003
NAT Nationalist 1879
SME Sound Money Economics 1941
UL Union Labour 1922
UFW United Front Workers 1932
WCC Western Canada Concept 1984-1987
WIP Western Independence Party 1987-1990
WKR Workers 1922


Abbr. Party Name Years Active
SP Saskatchewan Party 1997-present
NDP New Democratic Party 1967-present
CCF Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1934-1967
PC Progressive Conservative 1942-present
CON Conservative 1912-1942
LIB Liberal 1905-present
GRN Green Party 2005-present
NGA New Green Alliance 1998-2005
SC Social Credit 1935-1975
IND Independent
ALL Alliance 1986
APP Aboriginal People's Party 1982
MAR Marijuana Party 2006-2010
WCC Western Canada Concept 1982-1991
WIP Western Independence Party 2003-present


Abbr. Party Name Years Active
PC Progressive Conservative 1959-present
CON Conservative 1905-1959
LIB Liberal 1905-present
NDP New Democratic Party 1962-present
CCF Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1932-1962
LAB Labour 1906-1957
WR Wildrose Party 2008-present
AA Alberta Alliance 2003-2008
SC Social Credit 1934-present
REP Representative Party 1984-1988
GRN Green Party 1986-2009; 2012-present
EG Evergreen Party 2011-2012
AP Alberta Party 1998-present
ALL Alliance Party 1990-1998
AFP Alberta First Party 1999-2004; 2013-present
SEP Separation Party of Alberta 2004-2013
WCC Western Canada Concept 1980-1987
COR Confederation of Regions 1986-1996
ARM Alberta Reform Movement 1981-1982
UFA United Farmers of Alberta 1919-1939
LPP Labour Progressive Party 1944-1959
SOC Socialist 1909-1926
COA Coalition (PC/Liberal) 1955-1967
IND Independent
ILAB Independent Labour
IPC Independent Progressive Conservative
IPRO Independent Progressive
IUF Independent United Farmers
ISC Independent Social Credit
AUM Alberta Unity Movement 1963-1964
COM Communist 1930-1940; 1963-present
CS Constitutional Socialist 1975
ER Economic Reconstruction 1935
FWU Farmer & Western United 1933
FAR Farmers 1952
FL Farmer Labour 1944
FOR Forum Party 1995-2000
HTG Heritage Party 1986
ICA Independent Citizen's Association 1948
IF Independent Farmer 1940
LS Labour Socialist 1921
LU Labour United 1944
LUF Labour-United Farmers 1934
NL Natural Law 1993-1997
NPF Non-Partisan Farmer 1952
NPL Non-Partisan League 1917
PEO People's Candidate 1937-1952
PL Progressive Labour 1934-1937
SR Soldier Representative 1942
ST Single Tax 1944-1945
UF United Front 1935
UL United Labour 1948
UNI Unity 1936-1937
VAF Veterans and Active Force 1944

British Columbia

LIB Liberal 1903-present
NDP New Democratic Party 1960-present
CCF Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1933-1960
SOC Socialist 1906-1933
CON Conservative 1900-1951; 1991-present
PC Progressive Conservative 1951-1991
NPIG Non-Partisan Independent Group 1933
UP Unionist Party of B.C. 1933
GRN Green Party 1983-present
SC Social Credit 1935-2013
SCL Social Credit League 1949
SCP Social Credit Party 1949
UE Union of Electors 1949
REF BC Reform Party 1983-2013
UNI BC Unity 2001-2008
DRBC Democratic Reform BC 2005-2009
PDA Progressive Democratic Alliance 1993-1997
COA Coalition (P.C./Liberal) 1942-1951
MAR Marijuana Party 2000-present
LPP Labour Progressive Party 1945-1957
LAB Labour 1903; 1920-1956
ILP Independent Labour Party 1928
CLP Canadian Labour Party 1906; 1924
FLP Federated Labour Party 1920
SDP Social Democratic Party 1916
PVL Provincial Party 1924
UFBC United Farmers of BC 1920
IND Independent
IC Independent Conservative
ICCF Independent CCF
IF Independent Farmer
IFL Independent Farmer Labour
ILAB Independent Labour
ILIB Independent Liberal
IPRO Independent Progressive
IPC Independent Progressive Conservative
ISC Independent Social Credit
ISOC Independent Socialist
ISOL Independent Soldier
ADV Advocational Party 2006-present
ANP All Nations Party 2001-2005
BBC Bloc British Columbia 2004-2005
BCA BC Action 2001-2003; 2017-present
BCCF BC Citizens First 2017-present
BCF BC First 2011-present
BCP British Columbia Party 1998-present
BCV BC Vision 2013-present
BCYC BC Youth Coalition 2000-2009
CAS Cascadia Party 2016-present
CAN Citizens Alliance Now 2001-2007
CBC Council of British Columbians 2001
CCF Citizens Commonwealth Federation 2001
CCF Common Sense, Community, Family 1991-1996
CHM Chameleon 1981
CDP Christian Democratic Party 1952-1953; 1974
CHP Christian Heritage Party 2010-present
CDP Citizens Party 1924
COM Communist 1937; 1956-present
UF United Front 1933-1934
CGW Comrades of the Great War 1918
CST Constructive 1936-1937
CTR Central Party 2001
DEM Democratic 1940-1945
EMC Emancipation 1941
ED Emerged Democracy 2005
EXC Excalibur Party 2013-present
FL Farmer-Labour 1924-1931
FCP Family Coalition Party 1991-2000
FJP Financial Justice Party 1937
FPBC Freedom Party of BC 2001-2009
GAUV Grand Army of United Veterans 1920
GWVA Great War Veterans Association 1918-1920
GG Green Go 1991
HHP Helping Hands Party 2013-present
HRP Human Race Party 1991
IP Interdependence Party 1991
LRC Labour Representation Committee 1952
LAW Land Air Water 2015-present
LSA League for Socialist Action 1975
LI Liberal Industralist 1946
LBC Libertas of B.C. 1986
LTN Libertarian Party 1986-present
LL Liberty League 1920
MOD Moderate Democratic Movement 2004-2008
NAP Nation Alliance Party 2007-2012
NL Natural Law Party 1992-1996
NRP New Republic Party 1986
NALP North American Labour Party 1975-1979
PAT Patriot Party 2001-2005
PF People's Front 1986-2011
PP People's Party 1920; 1949-1953
PLAT Platinum Party 2005-present
POC Party of Citizens Who Have Decided to Think for Themselves 1995-2001
PL Progressive Liberal 1933-1945
RFD Refederation Party 2000-present
RPB Religious Political Brotherhood 1941
RP Republican Party 1968
REP New Republican Party 2017-present
RMG Revolutionary Marxist Group 1975
SEX Sex Party 2005-2012
SCON Social Conservative 1969
SOC Socialist Party of Canada 1936-1978
SLP Socialist Labour Party 1941-1949
SOL Soldier 1918
SF Soldier-Farmer 1920
SL Soldier-Labour 1920
UNI Unionist 1918-1919
ULV United Labour Veterans 1945
UNP Unparty 2011-present
VIP Vancouver Island Party 2015-present
VRA Vancouver Rentpayers Association 1920
VWD Victory Without Debt 1941
WCC Western Canada Concept 1980-2013
WIP Western Independence Party 1979
WNP Western National Party 1983
WFL Women's Freedom League 1920
WLP Work Less Party 2003-2013
WNP Western National Party 1983
WR Western Reform 2001
YPP Your Political Party 2002-present
4BC 4BC 2017-present